Affordable Housing in the Neighborhood

We believe that every community member should have access to affordable housing.

St. JohnsHousing Action Plan.png

In 2017, our staff and board of directors worked closely with the neighborhood and a team from Portland State's Masters in Urban Planning program to build an action plan that was focused on keeping our community affordable and accessible for years to come. The overarching goals that came out of that plan were to: 

  1. Strengthen the neighborhood's ability to organize around housing affordability
  2. Stop the displacement of renters
  3. Ensure new housing development meets the range of needs of existing residents
  4. Increase home ownership opportunities for renters 

You can read the full housing action plan by clicking here. Highlighted below are some of the key actions that we will be taking over the next couple of years to help us achieve our goals. 

  • Support the creation of a St. Johns Tenant Coalition in partnership with the Community Alliance of Tenants. 
  • Host education sessions related to housing affordability. 
  • Identify key housing policies that the neighborhood can advocate for. 
  • Conduct an inventory of existing housing conditions and identify areas of opportunity to preserve or build affordable housing. 
  • Collaborate with churches to explore land development opportunities. 
  • Advance the implementation of pod clusters. 
  • Establish an emergency anti-displacement fund. 

Want to get involved with the St. Johns Housing Action Plan? Sign up to volunteer on the committee. 

St. Johns Center for Opportunity Endorses the Welcome Home Coalition

About the Coalition: 

The Welcome Home Coalition is working to build back our affordable housing infrastructure with at least 63,000 homes affordable to Portland Metro area families. We know that with adequate and dedicated public funding we can restore balance to housing opportunity so that all families can succeed with a safe, stable and affordable home.

Visit the Coalition's website for more information.