For two glorious days during the summer months, the Art Constitutional joins the St. Johns Farmers Market to activate the St. Johns neighborhood by bringing together art, music, and food. The Art Constitutional offers a distinct combination of artworks, demonstrations, hands-on art making, and performances. Our goal is to introduce new and upcoming artists, expand awareness of the existing St. Johns art community, provide access to musical and cultural performances, and compliment the diverse businesses in our vibrant neighborhood. Learn more about the fun we had in June and September of last year!

This year, the Art Constitutional will take place on Saturdays June 3rd and September 9th from 9am-2pm in the US Bank parking lot along N. Lombard in downtown St. Johns.

apply to be a vendor for the art constituional

The Art Constitutional will take place on two Saturdays during the summer of 2017: June 3rd & September 9th from 9am-2pm. Each event will feature performances, interactive art activities for community members to engage with, and art demonstrations. In combination with the St. Johns Farmers Market, visitors will be encouraged to linger in and explore the downtown St. Johns area to shop, eat and play. We’re recruiting innovative artists and craftspeople to vend at the event – local artists are highly encouraged to apply!

Event Details

  • June 3rd and September 9th from 9am-2pm
  • Average of 1,500 visitors
  • Average of 15-18 vendors at each event
  • Located in the US Bank parking lot in St. Johns (N. Lombard & N. Philadelphia)
  • Musical performances and interactive community art

Application Details

  • $45 booth fee ($10 non-refundable application fee, applied to booth fee)\
  • Booth sharing allowed (both artists must submit an application and pay $10 application fee). Fee is $45 regardless of shared booth status.
  • Apply for one or both dates (not guaranteed to be selected for both)
  • Limited funds available to support low income and/or student artists. See the application for more information.
  • Local artists wanted
  • Application deadline is Monday, May 1st 2017 
  • Booth and application fees can be paid online or check to
    • St. Johns Center for Opportunity, 8250 N. Lombard Street
    • Portland, OR 97203

Vendor selection will take place on May 2nd and you will be notified via email on your selection. Questions? Contact Jenna Hudson at (503) 841-5522 or

Deadline: Monday, May 1st, 2017
Click here to apply!