St. johns art walk
Friday, September 8th | 6-9pm

Artwalkfinal (2).jpg

the businesses and the artists

1. Bridge City Kid featuring Lucia Johnson and Amy Frazer

2. Salty Teacup featuring Leah Kolenberg

3. Hound and Hare Vintage featuring Lorren Lowrey

4. 45th Parallel featuring Lynsey Nelson and Mazana Bruggeman

5. Lizzie Harrell Photography Studio

6.  The Great North featuring Al Flory

7.  RoM Shoes featuring Elise Mahan

8. The St. Johns Plaza: "Artists Village" featuring Christian Orellana Bauer, Judy Preston & more!

9. Cathedral Park Place Gallery featuring:

Carly Landau

Christopher St. John

Eryn Tehan

Jon Strode

Joanne Gravelin

Jess Graff

Mattie Bowden

Jen Brown

Oliver Kautter

10. Comic Cave featuring artist in residence, Lisa Eisenberg

11. Alshiref Design Open Studio


info about the art walk

North Portland, the “Peninsula”, and St. Johns in particular, is home to talented artists and a burgeoning art scene, and it’s time to celebrate the creative spirit of the neighborhood! The St. Johns ArtBurst is a weekend of art events. With these quarterly events, we hope to

1.) increase access to and appreciation of the arts; 2.) support and strengthen the artist community in St. Johns and North Portland; 3.) engage the St. Johns business community; 4.) celebrate the diverse cultural communities in North Portland and; 5.) build community by facilitating conversations and connections. If you're interested in getting involved to coordinate art events during these weekends, contact

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