St. Johns Art Walk
September 20th, 2019 from 5-8 pm

Locations & Artists

Look for these signs at the 17 participating locations on the St. Johns Art Walk!

Look for these signs at the 17 participating locations on the St. Johns Art Walk!

Check out the following locations and artists for a night of art and fun in Downtown St. Johns!

1. Signal Station Pizza featuring paintings by Charles Lattin + crotchet jewelry by Norma Hernandez

2. Soma Kombucha featuring ceramics by Maya Micheli

3. Bridge City Kid featuring Kid’s face painting

4. Storm BreakerBrewing featuring photography by Jarred Decker + carved wooden sculptures by Elizabeth Armstrong

5. Salty Teacup featuring mixed media and illustrations by Jen Jovan + paintings by William K Polley + Angela Sipp

6. Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective & Aspire Project featuring metal sculptures by Luke Betts

7. Wood Fired Eats featuring oil paintings by Quinn Sweetman

8. Hound & Hare Vintage featuring handmade goods by Wayuu and Arhuacos tribe in Colombia presented by Ana Yancy

9. Vibe of Portland featuring Kids Crafts

10. The Man’s Shop featuring jewelry and handwoven tapestries by Opal Loucks + woodturning by Aj Hall

11. 45th Parallel Wines featuring black and white photography by Sarah Graves

12. Etcetera featuring thread paintings by Amy Frazer

13. The Great North featuring illustrations by Jade Sturms

14. RoM Shoes featuring handmade macrame plant hangers by Abby Williams

15. Final Form featuring illustrations of animals and creatures by Harrison Webb

16. Therapy featuring screen printing by Lynsey Nelson

17.Two Rivers Bookstore & Weird Sister Yarn featuring 3D paper cuts by Sue Selbie

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Photos of Art Work from our line-up of artists: