st. johns art walk - artist application

Hello Artists! You're here because you're interested in participating in our quarterly St. Johns Art Walk! Just some refresher information about the event and the details of participation. 

Art Walk Schedule
6:00-9:00 p.m.: Businesses and galleries are open along N. Lombard

Details/Expectations of Participation
1. We will work to pair a business with artist that will yield a successful experience for both parties. Therefore, we ask you send in an application and photos of your work. We may not select your work for this event, but will keep your application and information on file and will contact you for the next event. 
2. Artists are expected to be present during Friday’s Art Walk from 6-9 p.m.
3. Artists will be primarily responsible for installing/setting up display for artwork. The organizing committee will work to pair businesses and artists together that complement aesthetics and expertise.
4. Artwork must be displayed throughout the weekend. Artists and business owners can coordinate the best time to remove artwork from storefront, or discuss the option for some artwork to remain in the store. 
5. We leave it up to the business and artist to determine whether or not wine/snacks will be available. 

Application Deadline: July 14th

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