St. Johns Art Walk
June 21st, 2019 from 5-8 pm

Locations & Artists

Look for these signs at the 20 participating locations on the St. Johns Art Walk!

Look for these signs at the 20 participating locations on the St. Johns Art Walk!

Check out the following locations and artists for a night of art and fun in Downtown St. Johns!

1. The Wayfinding Academy featuring paintings by Fiona Denihan, jewelry and handwoven tapestries by Opal Loucks, and paintings and prints by Jessica Buchanan

2. Signal Station Pizza featuring jewelry by Hilda Leyva + prints and illustrations by Rebecca Rodela + crotchet jewelry by Norma Hernandez

3. Soma Komucha featuring photography by Al Flory

4. Bridge City Kid featuring jewelry by Mary Ros Curtis + Starting location for kid’s scavenger hunt

5. Salty Teacup featuring mixed media by Jen Walls + floral paintings and drawings by Leah Kohlenberg + handmade fragrance oil blends by Grace Mattioli + repurposed vintage camera lamps by Travis Johansen

6. Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective featuring handwoven scarves and shawls by Megan Rothstein

7. Hound & Hare featuring jewelry by Alison Encke

8. The Man's Shop featuring woodturning by Aj Hall

9. 45th Parallel Wines featuring collage-paintings by Richard Cheverton

10. The Sentry Building featuring reclaimed wood art by Heather Kolbo + Block Bikes featuring photography by Kara Helgren + comics by Jesse Miller

11. Etcetera featuring paintings by Karen Ilari

12. The Great North featuring quilted goods by Joy Brown

13. RoM Shoes featuring illustrations by Jasmin Deatherage

14. Final Form featuring prints and illustrations by Rudy Rolon-Rivas

15. Anna Bannanas featuring illustrations on wood panels by Steven Michaels

16. Therapy featuring illustrations by Jessica Minckley

17. Nest Hair Salon featuring watercolors by Minsha Manoharan

18. Swap N Play Scavenger Hunt location: Enjoy music and crafts!

19. Shanti Om featuring ceramics by St. Johns Clay Collective + Live Rock Exhibit by Bridget Polk

20.Two Rivers Bookstore featuring paintings by Hilary Galian + Two Stroke Coffee featuring photographs by Will Corwin

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Kid’s Scavenger Hunt at the Art Walk

Download a copy of our kid’s scavenger hunt at the Art Walk!

Photos of Art Work from our line-up of artists: