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Childbirth Education Class

Registration is open for Childbirth Education classes with Homespun Midwifery in St. Johns.

Homespun midwives Cassidy and Sarah are excited to offer a two session childbirth education class to our clients and other families in the community. We host these workshops to help families prepare for the momentous experience of bringing their baby into the world! We structure the class around the foundational belief that knowledge is powerful at averting fear, as well as the fact that giving birth is a natural physiological process. This class prepares birthing people and their supporters by empowering them to be educated and resilient on their birth journey.

Instinctive Childbirth provides a safe space to ask questions, express fears and anxieties, and gain a thorough understanding of the labor, birth and postpartum process. This class is available to all parents-to-be and is suited for people who are birthing at home, in a birth center, or in the hospital.

To read all about it and register for the class, click here!