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2019 Point In Time Portland Homeless Census

The 2019 Point-in-Time Count launches January 23rd — just days away — and  volunteers are still needed to help us ensure an accurate survey of our unsheltered neighbors. This count is important because historically African-American residents have been under-counted. That led to too little state- and local funding for culturally-specific programs and services like those that the Urban League provides to the community. The 2016 count revealed disparities in classifications pertaining to homeless status which can only be rectified through more thorough and responsible processes, which starts with our collaboration on undertakings such as this.

 How can I help?

Follow this link at, or contact our housing outreach department. That way, we can plan for the right number of materials and confirm all volunteer shift assignments.

How does the Point-In-Time Count Work?

 Volunteers are a critical part of the count. They ask questions from a short, one-page survey to people experiencing homelessness in different parts of the city. Volunteers will be stationed at specific locations where houseless persons congregate or access services, such as meal programs, drop-in centers, and health clinics. 

Shifts will be available during morning, daytime, and evening hours. The majority of the shifts will be scheduled the evening of Wednesday, January 23rd through January 29th, 2019. Even volunteering for a few hours helps immensely. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

 Darrell White

Outreach Program Supervisor for the Urban League of Portland