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Legal Services Day

  • The Rosewood Initiative 16126 Southeast Stark Street Portland, OR, 97233 United States (map)

The Rosewood Initiative, 16126 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97233

12:30 PM to 5:00 PM

There will be 130 spaces available.

Pre-Registration Required!*

To register please call registration number at 9:00 a.m. on August 5, 2019



All Information is subject to change.

STEP ONE: Call the Multnomah County Courthouse at 503-988-6279 ext. 4 to find out how much you owe. Ask about traffic and parking tickets too. Please do this BEFORE you show up to Legal Services Day. If your license is suspended, call DMV and ask what tickets are holding up your license.

STEP TWO: Do community service with a nonprofit OR participate in treatment. Complete one hour for every $100 that you owe, up to 80 hours (all money is waived after 80 hours). Hours need to be completed before Legal Services Day.

STEP THREE: Ask the nonprofit you worked for or your treatment provider for a letter on letterhead with their contact information that says how many hours you completed and when. You will not be able to have your fines waived without this.

STEP FOUR: Call and register for Legal Services Day on the registration date listed above. Operator will be answering calls as they come in and you will need to talk to a person to get on the list. You will need to be on the list to come to Legal Services Day. Do not leave a message.

STEP FIVE: Once you are registered then bring your letter to Legal Services Day! A judge will sign an order waiving your fines and fees after verification of your hours.

STEP SIX: Fees can take at least one month to be waived in the court system - please be patient. Legal Services Day does not waive the $75.00 fee to get your license reinstated. That is a DMV fee that we do not have authority to waive.

What Counts For Your Hours?

 Hours need to be completed within the last 6 months from the day of the Legal

Services Day you attend.

 Community service hours must be done for a nonprofit organization. We will not

accept hours done for an LLC or a for profit organization.

 There will be an exception to alcohol, drug, or other addiction treatment, including AA/NA. If you

are engaging in AA/NA be prepared to speak with the judge about verification of

your hours.

 If you complete group counseling, individual counseling, job counseling or

parenting classes please make sure your letter has contact information of your

service provider.

 Hours cannot be verified by or be completed for a family member.

 Hours cannot be court ordered or part of your sentence. If you are engaging

in additional treatment or community service hours than what was required of

your sentence make sure that it is noted in your letter.

 Remember, only Multnomah County fines and fees are waived. Legal Service day

cannot get rid of restitution, compensatory fines, probation fees, or child support.

 Your judgement will be honored at Troutdale Municipal Court. Once you get your

judgement you will need to bring it into the court house at 219 E Historic

Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060 to get your fines there waived,

 If you believe you have been missed a ticket at a prior Legal Services Day you can call

the Metropolitan Public Defender Community Law Division at 503-225-9100.

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