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TriMet - Line 4 Fessenden proposed route change and stop closure in St. Johns

TriMet is partnering with City of Portland to improve safety and accessibility in St. Johns through the North Lombard Main Street – St. Johns project, which includes marked crosswalks, curb and bus stop extensions, signalized pedestrian crossings, and street repairs on N Lombard.

 This project provides an opportunity to reduce travel time and simplify the routing of bus line 4-Fessenden in St. Johns. The current 4-Fessenden route to St. Johns diverts from N Lombard via N Syracuse and N Baltimore serving stop ID 13869 on N Syracuse in front of Schrunk Riverview Tower. In light of the City’s safety improvements, TriMet would like to change the 4-Fessenden routing to keep it on N Lombard in both directions to reduce confusion for riders and improve safety and operations by removing two turns.

 This route change would close stop ID 13869 on N Syracuse; riders traveling towards N Richmond would use the 4-Fessenden stop on N. Lombard @ New York ID 9505, which would be served by the 4-Fessenden as part of the route change. Additionally, riders traveling towards N Richmond can use the stop on N Ivanhoe @ Baltimore ID 11837 that’s served by 11-Rivergate/Marine Dr (weekdays only) and 16-Front Ave/St Helens Rd (Monday – Saturday). Riders traveling towards Downtown Portland would continue to use the 4-Fessenden stop on N Lombard @ Baltimore ID 8480.

 To understand the potential impact of the route change, TriMet met with Shrunk Riverview Tower management on July 29, who were open to the route change, given the relatively short distance to the 4-Fessenden stop on N Lombard @ New York.

 TriMet is also interested in your comments or concerns. Please share your feedback by September 30.

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