Resources for Business Owners

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As a part of Prosper Portland's Small and Microenterprise Business Development Program, MESO (Microenterprise Services of Oregon) has teamed up with us to provide high quality technical assistance and training to business owners in St. Johns.  A staff member from their team is regularly available to meet with new and emerging business owners at the Center for Opportunity. 

Social Media Marketing Support

Bizzy Lizzie has teamed up with SJCO to provide high quality social media marketing assistance and training to business owners in St. Johns. Liz Smith, owner of Bizzy Lizzie, will be hosting regular office hours at the St. Johns Center for Opportunity to meet with new and emerging business owners.

Resource Guide + Market Analysis

There are a number of resources in the Portland area for small business owners. From business technical assistance providers to small business advocacy groups to institutions offering small businesses access to capital, there are a number of people who work hard to help our small business community thrive. Check out the small business resource guide

You can also read through our St. Johns Market Analysis, which features all kinds of great community demographic information as well as information on business supply and demand. For a condensed version, here is a copy of the presentation we shared at one of our business seminars on April 30, 2015. 

GRANT Funding and stipends

Our matching grant program awards businesses with funds for storefront improvement projects. Applications are open for the 2018 Matching Storefront Grant! Applicants may request funds between $250 and $5,000. Since 2014, we have invested over $95,000 in commercial properties in the downtown business district. Click here for more information

Additionally, we offer $50 enrollment stipends to retail businesses who participate in the city-wide promotional event, Little Boxes. If you're unfamiliar, learn more at

Businesses must be located in the St. Johns neighborhood to qualify for this particular stipend. Keep an eye out for more information on this year's Little Boxes event.

St. Johns Business Boosters

St. Johns' official business district is the St. Johns Business Boosters. Since 1926, they have worked to encourage small and large businesses in St. Johns through advocacy, education, and networking. You can become a member of the St. Johns Business Boosters by visiting their website: 


If a business or property owner wants a change (such as timed zones) to on-street parking adjacent to their property, they can call 503-823-7275 or email to request a change.  The appropriate Parking Control Technician will contact them to discuss possible changes that serve the greater good.

(Please note the word "adjacent" meaning one cannot call to change parking not next to property they own.  They would need to contact the owner, who would be the one to do so.)

Open space

Looking for space in St. Johns for your business? The team at St. Johns Center for Opportunity tracks open spaces in the neighborhood. We would be more than happy to talk with you about openings and/or to introduce you to property owners. Fill out our form by clicking here