Improvements to Lombard Mainstreet

In 1903, a new streetcar line opened in St. Johns that traveled along Lombard. These rail lines are still buried under the road, which is causing some of the pavement failures seen on the street. In addition, paving over the rail lines throughout the years has caused the profile of Lombard to be unusually sloped – so much so that it is difficult to add curb ramps that meet ADA standards.

To truly make N Lombard through St. Johns comfortable, accessible, safe, and hardy, these rail lines need to be removed and the driving surface needs to be reconstructed.

Portland’s recently adopted Build Portland infrastructure investment program made this project possible, with $3 million in funding to reconstruct the roadway. PBOT added another $1 million in funding to further enhance the project by adding the curb extensions, crossings, and upgraded bus stops.

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Emily SterlingPBOT