Changes to 2019 Community Event Fees

Portland Bureau of Transportation community event fees are changing on January 1, 2019. Please read on to learn about our newly restructured fees and other changes to the community event program. 

The community event fee structure hasn’t changed for many years and was due for an update. The 2019 update includes:

  • a new application fee,

  • the elimination of the non-profit versus for-profit structure,

  • the introduction of ticketed events

This is a complete restructuring that subsidizes community building events that have no sales, admission fees, concessions, or compensation in any form as well as farmers markets. You can see all the details in the 2019 Community Event Fee Structure below or on our website.

Non-profit organizations may be eligible for a 50% reduction of fees. Please see the fee waiver criteria below or on our website.

Ticketed events are a brand new addition to our program. To be eligible for this permit, ticket sales must be available to the general public.

This restructuring might appear overwhelming at first but we’re happy to help you navigate through these changes. Please call or email us to see how the new fee structure will affect your event.

We’re anticipating 2019 to be another lively and engaging year. Please let us know how we can provide support to make your event successful!

Questions? Please contact the community event coordinator at: or 503-823-1099.


Type 1 Event: Event with no sales, admission fees, concessions, or compensation in any form and farmer's markets

Type 2 Event: Event with ten (10) or more vendors with items for purchase

Type 3 Event: Event with less than ten (10) vendors with items for purchase

Permit Fee Reduction and Waiver Criteria

The City supports the goals and objectives of nonprofit organizations hosting street events which provide a civic benefit to the community and align with the goals of the Portland in the Streets Programs.

Subject to application approval, PBOT may reduce or waive the permit and parking fees for community event permit applicants which meet the following criteria:

  1. Nonprofit status (applicant holds 501c tax status)

  2. In good permit standing with all City, County and State Offices

  3. Provide a written description of how the event meets one or more of Portland’s community placemaking goals which include: builds community; supports local business; promotes healthy and active lifestyles; and reflects/builds community identity.

Application, alcohol and ticketed event fees are excluded from fee reduction or waiver eligibility.

The limits for a reduction or waiver authorization are as follows:

  • Administrative: 50% reduction of permit and parking fees

  • Commissioner: 75% reduction of permit and parking fees

  • Above 75% reduction or fee waiver require City Council authorization.

Emily SterlingPBOT