Trimet moves to Hoptickets instead of paper fare

This is a quick update on the transition to the Hop Fastpass™ fare system. In June we will begin converting ticket machines at rail stations to new Hop ticket machines.These machines will exclusively sell 2½-hour and 1-day Hop tickets. Unlike the plastic Hop cards, paper Hop tickets cannot be reloaded with value. Like today, Hop tickets purchased from a ticket machine will come pre-validated for immediate use. The new Hop tickets have electronics inside - you will need to tap on the Hop reader each time you transfer.

Additionally, on August 1st Albertsons and Safeway will begin transitioning to Hop card sales only. They will still carry paper LIFT paper passes. It may take them several days, possibly through the end of August, to get rid of their stock of paper tickets. Kroger outlets, Fred Meyer and QFC, will continue to sell both Hop cards and paper tickets at their Customer Service centers until they transition to Hop cards only at a later date. If your organization purchases fares and you do not have an account to order Hop tickets, please contact us at as soon as possible. For more information visit

To read more about the new changes, click here

Emily SterlingTrimet