Trimet proposes expansion of routes in 2018/19

TriMet will be holding open houses this November to discuss service expansion proposals, including new bus lines and 24-hour service on some bus lines. People also can provide feedback online at, by sending an email to

Splitting Line 4-Division/Fessenden into two routes

Line 4-Division/Fressenden is one of our longest and busiest routes. Splitting it into two routes will help keep buses on time and accommodate rider demand. One route would run between Gresham Transit Center and Downtown Portland. The other would run between Downtown Portland and St. Johns. Both routes would serve stops on the Transit Mall along 5th and 6th avenues in Downtown Portland to allow for easy transfers.

24-hour service for Line 20

TriMet is considering running buses 24 hours a day on Line 20-Burnside/Stark and a proposed new line to Portland International Airport.

Extending Line 24-Fremont to Downtown Portland

The community spoke up and we listened. We are proposing changes to Line 24, which runs from N Vancouver and Stanton to Gateway Transit Center. This includes a new section along 18th and 19th avenues between NW Thurman and SW Jefferson streets, increasing frequency during the week and adding weekend service.

Projects on the horizon

Introducing a low-income fare, Testing some all-electric buses and electrifying a bus route, Renovating some of our oldest MAX stations and enhancing treatments at rail crossings, Moving forward on the Division Transit Project

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