Let's Talk about Noise!

Here is some helpful information from the Office of Community & Civic Life about noise in the city and who to call for what!

Did you know…

Noise Office is unable to help you with the following, but we’ve included phone numbers to call:

  • Roosters — contact Vector Control at 503-988-3464
  • Dogs barking — Multnomah County Animal Services at 503-988-7387
  • Frogs — contact Rent-A-Blue Heron at 503-823-5542 or at 503-823-3992
  • Planes, (even helicopters) trains and automobiles — This was a great film, but for questions about aircraft in-flight noise, call Port of Portland at 503-460-4100, questions about trains call Federal Railway Administration 1-800-724-5998, and for vehicle noise call non-emergency police dispatch at 503-823-3333
  • Loud voices — this is considered freedom of speech in Oregon
  • Garbage/recycling — 503-823-7202
  • Children at play — The City of Portland does not regulate children and the various recreational equipment they might use.

How loud is too loud?


In most neighbor-to-neighbor noise concerns, the very first place to begin is to reach out to your neighbor. Many times, issues can be resolved by working together. If this approach doesn't work, Civic Life has a Neighborhood Mediation Program where we partner with Resolutions NW.  This mediation service is available free of cost, and trained mediators are ready to assist you and your neighbor to find solutions together. 
The number to call is 503-595-4890.