New Seasons Careers at University Park Location

Job Brief

We offer tons of lunch and dinner options, including our famous Wok bar and made-to-order sandos, plus a stellar Grab-n-Go case. We have bike parking galore! Want to join our team? Apply now to be considered for positions that open now through June.

Clerk positions open regularly in our store. This job posting will be used to fill these openings. On your application, you will have an opportunity to let us know which departments you prefer.  We recommended that you select all the departments that interest you as we may not have current openings in every department. 

Bakery: Learn a traditional, centuries-old craft - and how to serve up the perfect latte!  Beside, who doesn't love coffee, pastries, and helping start someone's day off on the right foot?

Cheese, Beer and Wine: Our specialty departments are all about making the meal perfect with the ideal pairing.  Whether it's cheese or beer & wine, you're working with high-end deliciousness - often from local craftspeople.

Floral: Our in-store floral design studio is easily the most creative department in our store.  If you're inspired by plants, flowers and beautiful arrangements - and you like being a part of people's big, memorable moments - you'll love our floral team.

Front End: If you're an extroverted, super friendly and outgoing person, you'll enjoy being a cashier.  The front end often is the face of our store - and you'll get to make a meaningful connection with hundreds of customers.  In other words?  You can really make someone's day.

Grocery: The grocery department is all about being active!  You're building displays that tell a story - visual merchandising at its finest.  If that sounds like fun and you love sharing amazing products with customers, you'd be great for grocery.

Housekeeping: Our housekeepers keep our stores beautiful and clean for our staff and customers.  If nothing makes you more satisfied than cleaning and organizing, this would be a great fit.

Meat & Seafood: Do you love the idea of being an old-school, neighborhood butcher?  How about chatting with people and giving advice about choosing and cooking meat and seafood?  If you're all that, plus love working with high quality product you can get behind, check out our meat & seafood department.

Prepared Foods: It's your kitchen away from home - with the added bonus of a fabulous team!  Help customers answer the age-old question of "What's for dinner tonight?"  And if you like preparing and sharing delicious recipes, prepared foods is for you.  We hire cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers, and prepared foods clerks.

Produce: With access to the best fruit and veggies in town, the produce department is on the cutting edge of what makes New Seasons Market different.  Do you like introducing new and exotic things to people?  Are you a huge fan of eating fresh with the season?  Then you'll love the produce department.

Wellness: Our wellness team is known for being experts on the wide array of products in our department, from supplements to skincare.  If you love helping people pick out just the right wellness product for their needs - and love helping people look and feel good - the wellness department is for you.

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Emily Sterling