Friends of Trees is hiring!

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Specialist

Job Title: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Specialist

Status: Full-time

Compensation: $33-37K per year depending on experience; eligible for full benefits package, including health and dental care; holiday, vacation and sick time

Schedule: ~40 hrs/week. Tuesday – Saturday during planting season (Oct-April); Monday – Friday (May-Sept). Schedule is fairly flexible within that framework; employee establishes schedule and makes changes known with manager


  • Neighborhood Trees Outreach Assistant

    Job Title: Neighborhood Outreach Assistant
    Status: Seasonal, part-time
    Compensation: $15 hourly; not eligible for benefits
    Schedule: Tuesday-Friday evenings, Saturdays (flexible scheduling, approximately 25 hours/wk)
    Start Date: June 14, 2018 


  • Summer Field Maintenance Technician

    Job Title: Summer Field Maintenance Technician
    Status: Seasonal, part-time
    Compensation: $16 hourly; not eligible for benefits
    Schedule: Work days may vary; 2-4 days a week, 16-29 hours/week
    Start Date: mid-May 2018 

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