Part Time Food Service Positions with Aramark

Oregon Convention Center Positions available

  • Steward 11.85 hourly rate
  • Banquet Cook 13.80 hourly rate
  • Prep Cook 12.55 hourly rate
  • Concession Cook 14.40 hourly rate
  • Pastry Prep Cook 12.55 hourly rate reference job 169584
  • Pastry Banquet cook 13.80 hourly rate
  • Barista 11.50 hourly rate reference job 172911
  • Lead Barista 12.53 hourly rate reference job 173556
  • Stand Worker 11.25 hourly rate

Portland5 Centers for the Arts available

  •  Restaurant/Catering Server 11.25 hourly rate

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum age: 18 years old

  • Valid Food Handler Card for all positions; must have the card by first scheduled shift
  • Valid OLCC card for server, bartender, stand worker, warehouse runner and host, must have applied for/have card by first scheduled shift
  • Ability to work part time/event based schedule; availability to include evenings and weekend
  •  All Food Beverage Service Workers are represented by UniteHERE Local 8, unless noted with *

To APPLY for above positions, click here

Emily Sterling