Building Inspectors & more with Bureau of Development Services!

 Residential Plans Examiner $30.66 - $35.85, recruitment closes 5/21/18. 

This is considered entry level into the career path of Life/Safety Plans Examiner.  Are you interested in pursuing your career goals with an employer that offers a full benefits package, ongoing trainings and growth opportunities, and plays a direct role in the safety and livability of Portland's communities?  Residential Plans Examiners in the Bureau of Development Services review plans of residential building types such as houses, townhouses and duplexes, for compliance with state building codes and other applicable city and state regulations.  Bring your passion for development review to the City of Portland as a Residential Plans Examiner and apply now!

Full details and to apply here:


Commercial Plans Examiner $35.50 - $43.61, recruitment closes 5/14/18.

Do you have experience designing, reading or interpreting codes related to creating architectural and structural plans?  Have you spent your career explaining technical information / code requirements to your clients or other professions?  Ready to work steady regular hours and receive a full benefits packing, ongoing trainings and growth opportunities proved by your employer?  Have a passion for playing a direct roll in the safety and livability of the built environment?  This may be the job for you!  Portland will give you access to reviewing cutting edge development designs and materials.  See full details and apply for this recruitment here:


Plan Review Supervisor $7,061 - $9,406, recruitment closes 5/7/18

Are you an experienced designer / plans professional ready to take your career to the next level?  As one of three Plan Review Supervisors, you will work cooperatively to oversee a team of highly motivated, professional, and technically knowledgeable staff that review and evaluate residential and commercial building projects. These three leaders are accountable to a wide range of stakeholders and community members. They work together to develop and apply policies and procedures to achieve annual goals, objectives, and work standards. Plan Review Supervisors assure that service is delivered in an equitable manner while upholding the bureau's customer service standards.  Bring your talents to the City of Portland!  Full details and to apply:


 Building Inspector I $31.16 - $35.95, recruitment closes 5/7/18

Do you prefer a career that keeps you moving during the day yet utilizes your technical knowledge, communication skills, and directly involved with construction/development?  The Building Inspector I is considered the entry level to an Inspections career.  The Building Inspector I typically perform field inspections on residential buildings and structures as defined by the Oregon Specialty Code (International Building Code with Oregon amendments), and residential structures, which may include manufactured dwellings.  Ready to have steady work hours with paid holidays off and a full benefits package?  Don’t miss this accessible pathway into Inspections.  See full details and apply here:


Building Inspector II $35.63 - $41.21 recruitment will be open until October 2018 – don’t wait to apply first hiring will start in May!

Want to keep your career in the field, and keep your knowledge of construction on the forefront of development technologies and materials? Bring your enthusiasm for development and inspection skills to the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) as a Building Inspector II and develop your career with the City of Portland!  The City of Portland's Bureau of Development Services is seeking a Building Inspector II to perform inspections of structures to ensure compliance with building related codes and ordinances covering new construction or alteration and repair of existing structures.  Full details and to apply:

Emily Sterling