Community of Hope is hiring!

Community of Hope, a family shelter in the St. Johns neighborhood, is hiring! 

Hours:                         Evenings and overnight and occasionally daytime hours

Compensation:            $12.75 per hour

Contact:                      If interested, please call Linda Jo Devlaeminck at 503.852.1070 or email her at

Position open until:      July 11 or until filled

Job Description: Coordinate resident safety, policy, and interpersonal health.

1.       Provide a loving environment where families are welcomed and supported in healing relationships

2.       Provide oversight, management and accountability for shelter residents.

3.       Initiate disciplinary or corrective action as necessary.

4.       Help resolve any conflicts

5.       Model and encourage good communication skills


Qualifications and preferred characteristics:

1.       High school graduate

2.       Good verbal and written communication skills: able to communicate effectively with the families and their children, teaching and modeling these skills with them. Able to communicate effectively with the Program Director.

3.       Teachable: able to take instructions and learn from mistakes.

4.       Compatible: willing to take on the vision of the Community of Hope and implement it, adding to it with her own gifts and insights.

5.       Compassionate: able to see beyond the trauma-induced behaviors of the families we serve and be welcoming and encouraging no matter what.

6.       Strong boundaries: able to enforce the rules and hold families accountable even when it is challenging.

7.       Flexible: willing and able to change to meet changing circumstances of the program and the families involved.

8.       Confidentiality: able to talk about confidential matters with whom it is necessary and not with anyone else.

9.       Endurance: able to keep going when it is hard or discouraging.

10.   A person of faith: able to be open to God’s grace and to share it with others effectively.

11.   Bilingual preferred.

Emily Sterling