RAIL DESIGN ENGINEER - Gunderson - Portland, OR

Full-time, benefited position. Read below for job summary and responsibilities. Click here to apply.

General Position Summary:  Plan, organize and perform engineering assignments including the design of rail cars, parts, and components or assigned phases or major projects as well as special projects. 

Primary Responsibilities: 
• Prepare working plans, detailed drawings and complete mechanical drawings and layouts of components and assemblies such as schematics; interconnect lists and parts breakdowns from notes, verbal instructions and rough or detailed sketches 
• Make routine engineering computations, prepare specifications and make adjustments in drawings or specifications 
• Prepare estimates, reports and stress analysis and other technical calculations as required 
• Review product design plans to ensure accuracy of plans and compliance to design specifications 
• Performs technical calculations, select and specify tolerances, materials, components, etc. as required in the product design 
• Generate design modifications as indicated by test, usage, client needs and vendor modifications 
• Use CAD equipment and software to develop designs or revise designs 
• Utilize part numbering and drawing numbering system and prepare material list 

Babs Adamski