Grade 4 Spanish Immersion Teacher - James Johns Elementry School - Full-time

POSTING TIMELINE: June 18, 2019 - June 24, 2019

As an immersion teacher you must possess native or near native fluency. Immersion teachers must possess the skills, ability and eagerness to work with students, families, and other members of the Immersion teams and grade level teams at the building and district level to support student success. Desired candidates have appreciation and demonstrated understanding for the unique characteristics of the elementary level learner and second language acquisition models. Immersion teachers will develop lesson plans and teach elementary grade core content to students using English and the immersion language. Strong classroom management skills and parent and community involvement are expected. All teachers are responsible for student achievement, supervision, guidance, development and safety. PPS staff must follow Portland Public School policies, rules, regulations and performance standards set by the District as well as performance goals established for the individual.

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Babs Adamski