Medical Technician - Metro at Oregon Convention Center - Full-time

This is a First Opportunity Target Area position. Go here for more information and to apply.

Essential Job Duties

An employee in this position must be able to perform all the essential job duties listed below with or without reasonable accommodation; however, this list is not intended to include all of the specific tasks which an employee in this position may be expected to perform.

  • Responds to medical emergencies and provides medical assistance to injured or sick persons on facility premises; attends to ailments and medical conditions such as chest pains, shortness of breath, asthma, allergic reaction, etc.

  • Assesses non-emergency injuries and illness; provides first aid and medical intervention to persons injured on the agency's premises.

  • Determines the severity of illness or injury; initiates call to 911 as the situation requires.

  • Maintains first aid/medical supplies and equipment inventory; ensures adequate stock of medical supplies and equipment; processes requests for replenishment of stock as needed.

  • Ensures medical equipment is in proper working condition; cleans and sanitizes equipment as needed.

  • Ensures proper disposal of biohazard materials.

  • Acts as a resource to injured and sick persons by providing information with regard to the location of urgency clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, etc. for further evaluation.

  • Completes documentation and reports with regard to first aid, medication and treatment provided.

  • Performs work in accordance with established protocols, policies, practices and procedures of the department.

  • Provides top-notch customer service to attendees and employees of the convention center at all times.

  • Dispenses over-the-counter medications upon request.

  • Performs other duties, which may be necessary or desirable to support the agency's success.

Babs Adamski