saturday, june 11th

"The Canopy": a community art project of encouragement

The rain stayed away! Thank you to everyone who came out for the Art Constitutional on June 11th. 

The day featured art vendors specializing in jewelry, fiber arts, handbags, graphic prints and illustration, and heirloom plants. While shopping, visitors could get involved in paper-making and yoga demonstrations, the St. Johns Love Locks, and chalk drawing for days.

Then, there was The Canopy: A community art project of encouragement. A project devoted to spreading positivity throughout the St. Johns neighborhood. Made simply of PVC, fabric strips, and a colander, visitors interacted by twirling among the colorful ribbons and adding their own words of encouragement to the installation. In September, visitors will remove the strips of fabric with writing and give them to someone (preferably a stranger).


Thanks to a grant from the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, we were able to feature the variety of musical performances below!


Art Vendor participants are listed below.