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Hello Artists! You are here because you're interested in participating in our quarterly St. Johns Art Walk! Just some refresher information about the event and the details of participation.  Per community requests we are organizing a Holiday Night Market.  If you're a fine artist and/or craftsperson and are interested in being a vendor at this year's Holiday Night Market, please read below for details and submit the application.

Event Schedule
4:00-9:00 p.m Friday December 1st.: ArtBurst a Holiday Night Market

Location:  Indoors atCathedral Park Place 6635 N Baltimore Ave Portland or 97203 in the large gallery space

Jury Procedure:

1. All articles offered for sale must be handcrafted by the exhibitor and must be creative in nature. No commercially manufactured or bulk-processed articles are permissible.
2. Exhibitors must submit pictures of their art to be considered for a booth.
3. You will be notified of our selection by November 3, 2017.

Details/Expectations of Participation
1. We will work to pair you with artistic events that will yield a successful experience for both parties. Therefore, we ask that you send in an application and photos of your work. We may not select your work for this event, but will keep your application and information on file and will contact you for the next event. 
2. Artists/Vendors are expected to be present during the event.
3. Artists/Vendors will be primarily responsible for installing/setting up display for artwork. The organizing committee will work to assign space that fits each individual artist as best as possible.

4. Space will be reserved in order of receipt of contract and fee.
5. A map of the craft show area will be emailed to you indicating your space and location. Location requests will be considered, but not guaranteed.
6. No craft vendor is allowed to walk around the show or grounds selling their merchandise.
7. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up their area.
8. There will be no available accommodations the day of the show for vendors that did not agree to these terms and submit fee.
9. St. Johns Center for Opportunity will not carry insurance nor be responsible for any property damage, theft, personal injury or loss of any nature arising from installation, set-up, operation, and disassembling of the exhibit.
10. Cancellation date is three weeks prior to event for any fee to be refunded.
11. All exhibitors must contain their display, work, and storage boxes within the dimensions of the space they rented.
12. Exhibitors are to ensure that their display is completely set up and ready to sell when the show opens. All spaces that are not occupied within 1 half hour of opening, forfeit their booth space and monies.
13. Exhibitors are expected to keep the items in their booth neatly displayed at all times and be at their booth during the hours the show is open.
14. Each participant is responsible for following all federal, state, and local regulations and restrictions regarding their individual craft.
15. Exhibitors shall not disassemble, pack up, or remove any part of their display before the official closing time.
16. No X-rated articles.
17. To help us in determining the success of the Art Constitutional events, we will ask all artist vendors to submit their estimate sales totals at the end of the day. This will help us track the success and growth of these events in St. Johns. We will also send a small survey at the end of each event and welcome feedback!

There is a $45 booth fee (and $10 non-refundable application fee) which includes a reserved 10x10 space. Artist(s) must provide tent, tables, chairs, tablecloths, display equipment, etc. All fees must be paid in full by Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Artists may share a booth space, and must indicate so on both artist applications. Please list artist's name on application with whom you're sharing booth space. 

You can submit payments via Paypal to or send check:

St. Johns Center for Opportunity
Attn: Art Constitutional
8250 N. Lombard
Portland, OR 97203

Application Deadline: October 22nd

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