Supporting Leaders in the Neighborhood

Building the capacity of a diverse and inclusive leadership base is the key ingredient to community and organizational success. The St. Johns Center for Opportunity works to support our community leaders and provide opportunities for collaboration, brainstorming, and team building. 

St. Johns leaders meeting the cast of Grimm!

St. Johns leaders meeting the cast of Grimm!

St. Johns & Cathedral Park Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum is a gathering of leaders from the various nonprofit and community groups in St. Johns. We meet every-other-month for a period of two hours to talk about things happening in the neighborhood, events going on and how we can best support each other. This gathering has fostered a spirit of collaboration in the neighborhood. The St. Johns Center for Opportunity is the facilitating group for this effort, providing admin support, a place to meet and tasty treats. 

Leadership Development Series

In 2019, the St. Johns Center for Opportunity will be launching a leadership development series for underrepresented community members with the goal of building a diverse leadership pipeline in the St. Johns neighborhood. The program is in the pilot stage as we gather feedback from community members. Stay tuned for all the details of this new initiative!