Workforce Development

Connecting neighbors, including young people, to living-wage job opportunities.


Rivergate Transportation Advocacy

Our Rivergate Transportation Advocacy Group (RTAG) has been working to improve access to living-wage jobs in the Rivergate Industrial Area of North Portland. The focus of this group has been to convene stakeholders and work on improving the service of the #11 TriMet bus line.

The Rivergate Industrial area in N. Portland has over 100 employers, 12 of which have over 100 employees, but limited public transportation. For many low-income households in N. Portland, the ability to secure living wage jobs close to home is diminished by service that does not match work schedules. 600 unfilled positions in the Rivergate area represent over $29.7 million in wages that could strengthen the local economy and individual households in N. Portland.

RTAG has met monthly since January 2018 to strategize on:

  • connecting Rivergate Businesses to RTAG,

  • sharing and obtaining information from local and state agencies,

  • publicizing transportation challenges for unemployed community members and

  • communicating economic opportunity to stakeholders.

We need YOU to unite with us in our advocacy! Here's how:

  • Join us in writing letters to elected officials and policy setters.

  • Invite us to share about our work with groups you attend (PTAs, neighborhood groups, Faith Communities, environmental groups).

  • Know someone who works in Rivergate? Please pass their information to us and/or ours to them.

  • If you work in Rivergate and have challenges with transportation, share your story with us! If you have turned down a job in Rivergate because of transportation issues, share that story with us!

  • Join us in our social media blitz with #ConnectRivergateNow

Contact: Babs Adamski, or 503-841-5522

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Job Connections

We work hard to help our neighbors find living-wage jobs! We offer three programs under our Job Connections umbrella, including:

Local Jobs Board

We have a robust local jobs board that you can find online or by stopping into our office. Our office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Job Coaching

As a part of Prosper Portland’s neighborhood based initiative to help unemployed and underemployed residents, a Community Workforce Navigator from IRCO (Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization) has teamed up with us to provide individualized job coaching in the St. Johns area. Berenia Ramirez hosts regular office hours at the Center for Opportunity to meet with individuals. She is bilingual English/Spanish. Learn more.

Youth Employment

We are a connector for youth employment in North Portland. We work closely with Roosevelt High School, SummerWorks, and local small businesses to help refer young people to a meaningful work opportunities. Additionally, we employ young people at our Farmers Market each summer through a paid internship opportunity.


Career Workshops

Throughout the year, we provide a number of career-related workshops. Examples of workshops we have hosted in the past include:

  • Resume Building

  • Interview Preparation

  • Job Searching

  • Strengthening your LinkedIn Profile

We bring in content experts to help make these workshops as meaningful as possible for participants. These workshops are all FREE and open to the public. We typically hold workshops at our main office located in downtown St. Johns.

Stay tuned for a calendar of upcoming workshops.