Food Equity

We envision the St. Johns Farmers Market as a hub that:

  • Reflects the rich diversity of our neighborhood
  • Provides equitable access to healthy food
  • Offers a space for positive community education and engagement
  • Supports our local food producers and entrepreneurs

Our Food Equity work is making that vision a reality through our Veggie Voucher program, participation in the Double Up Food Bucks program, and by offering nutrition education through community partners.


Double up food bucks: A Market Money Matching Program

Double Up Food Bucks is a program of Farmers Market Fund that provides SNAP shoppers with a dollar-for-dollar match (up to $10 per week) to buy additional fruits and vegetables at the market.

How it works
To access the Double Up Food Bucks program, SNAP participants simply swipe their Oregon Trail card at the market information booth in return for tokens to be used at the market. For every $1 of SNAP funds redeemed at the market, a matching $1 in Double Up Food Bucks is provided (up to a $10 match each visit) to purchase additional fruits and vegetables from local farmers and producers.

Veggie Voucher Web Image (1).jpg

Veggie Voucher program

Our Veggie Voucher program distributes $30 monthly vouchers during the market season to low-income community members. We distribute the vouchers through strategic partnerships with local social service organizations. 

Program History
There is mounting concern about food access nationally and locally. Teachers see the evidence in their classrooms while social service organizations have experienced a spike in numbers of individuals and families who aren’t able to put adequate food on the table.From its inception six years ago, the St Johns Farmers Market committed to making a difference by initiating what we now call our Food Equity work. 

We are strongly committed to what we believe is a more effective approach to food outreach. Rather than waiting for individuals and families to come to the market and ask for vouchers, this program goes into the community, partnering with organizations, who identify participants eager to benefit from access to the farmers market and meaningful activities that offer useful strategies for healthy eating.

The incentive for participation is based on vouchers distributed by our partners to low-income families and individuals they serve and redeemable at the market. Our goal is take advantage of the “up close and personal” feel of the market in order to build trust and interest among participants so the program can expand its reach and positive influence through proactive relationships with these Community Partners.

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Nutrition and cooking education

We partner with the Oregon Food Bank to bring their 6-week class series, "Cooking Matters", to St. Johns. This interactive class combines classroom lessons and hands-on meal preparation to teach skills around cooking healthy meals on a limited budget. Participants prepare a meal together during each class and take home a free bag of groceries with that meal's ingredients.